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Sorbella, vente terrain corse   France english
Island of passion
Soul of intensity
Carte Corse vente terrains
Vente terrain appartement, Corse, Ajaccio, baie d Ajaccio, rive sud, Corse du sud. Terrains a vendre en Corse, golfe d Ajaccio
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Appartements "Les Jardins de Sorbella"
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Island of passion
Villa sur un terrain du lotissement Sorbella en Corse

Plage CorseC orsica, a natural jewel jutting proudly from the blue of the Mediterranean, offers a wealth and variety of landscapes of exceptional beauty. With over 1,000 km of coastline, its marinas, wild rocky inlets and beaches of fine sand, it is a favoured destination for sailors. Its majestic mountains make it a haven for hikers and lovers of high places. Its dense scrub, with thousands of plant species, offers harmonious and subtle combinations of shapes, perfumes and colours with the changing seasons. Authentic and bewitching, equally fascinating for its landscapes and its wildlife, Corsica is reserved for everyone who loves nature in the wild. Often conquered but never submitting to anyone, Corsica has jealously defended and preserved its unique personality and charm over the centuries and resisted all attempts at domination. Legendary for its welcome, the Isle of Beauty now offers you the privilege of sharing its values and its natural wealth.

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Vente de terrains et d'appartements en Corse, rive sud, Ajaccio, baie d Ajaccio, Corse du Sud. Terrain de prestige en vente, Corse, golfe d ajaccio, situation et vue exceptionnelles. terrain à vendre en Corse, Baie d Ajaccio, Corse du Sud.
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